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Credit Application Signature

By signing this application:

  1. I authorize Dealer, and any finance company, bank, or other institution to which the Dealer submits my application (“you” or “your”) to investigate my credit and employment history, obtain credit reports, and release information about your credit
    experience with me as the law permits.
  2. If an account is created, I authorize you to obtain credit reports for the purpose of reviewing or taking collection action on the account or for other legitimate purposes associated with the account.
  3. I certify that I have read and agree to the terms of this application and that the information in it is complete and true.
  4. I authorize you to start a credit investigation based on the information voluntarily provided by me which is true and correct, and reflects all my current debts. In addition, I authorize you to obtain federal and state records of employment and income history, including State Employment Security Agency (“SESA”) records. This SESA authorization is for this transaction only and continues in effect for on (1) year unless limited by state law, in which case the authorization continues in effect for the maximum period, not to exceed one (1) year, as allowed by law, A bankruptcy proceeding is not in progress nor expected. If the attached application is submitted
    in the name of a business, a current and year-end financial statement, including P&L statement, and balance sheet may be required, audited if possible.